Salesman and kid

Posted on January 14, 2021

A salesman tried to call a customer. When the phone rings A little boy whispered, “Hello, hello.” Salesman “Is it your mother?” The little boy whispered, “Stay tight.” Salesman “Let’s talk to my mother” Little mouse whispering “Mom is busy” Salesman “And where is your father?” The little boy whispered, “Stay tight.” Salesman “Let’s talk to my father” Little mouse whispering “Dad is busy” Salesman “And is there anyone else there?” Little mouse whispering “The firemen.” Salesman, “Let me talk to one of them.” Little mouse whispering “They are busy” Salesman “And besides, is there anyone else here?” Little mouse whispering “Police guys” Salesman, “Let me talk to one of them.” Little mouse whispering “They are busy” Salesman “Honestly, my father, my mother, the fireman. And the police are all at my house Plus, they are all busy. What are they doing? ” Little mouse whispering “They were looking for me”


Posted on January 14, 2021

The husband and wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary alone at home, when two bottles of champagne were gone, the husband asked his wife. Darling, really asking. Been together for 25 years, have you ever cheated on me? ” “Yes, I’ve cheated three times,” my wife replied reluctantly. “Why?” My husband wanted to know the reason. “Is that ..” the wife began to recall. “The first time after we got married again When you had surgery, but we didn’t have enough money, I went to sleep with Doctors surgery so that he does not charge for surgery ” “Hmmm … you’re really generous to me,” Chom Chom. “What about the second time?” “Do you remember when he chose the vice president of the company? He won’t choose you anyway. I went to sleep with the president, so how did he choose you? ” “Really? I thought I got it because of my skill.” The husband admires his wife. “What about the third time?” “Just last year When you want to be the president of a golf club But there are 53 supporting voices … “

Do not disturb

Posted on January 14, 2021

A group of tour groups waited for a country boy who had not yet shown up. In spite of 30 minutes past the appointment time with suspicion The female guide calls. Ask up to the room “Are you going? We have been sitting and waiting for half an hour. ” The female guide fills in an angry voice. “Oh .. I’m so glad you called. Help me please I can’t leave the room. ” Young country supplication “What happened?” The female guide was shocked. “I don’t know either. There are 3 doors in this room. One door is the bathroom door. One door is a wardrobe door. The other side, I don’t know what is. But I dare not open Because there was a sign hanging on it saying … do not disturb “

Holly Crap

Posted on January 14, 2021

At the leading department store, jewelry department, Ms. Thadthuang is standing for a diamond ring. Suddenly, Master Thueng glanced at a ring … which was very beautiful. She hurriedly bowed and looked until she forgot to be careful Accidentally farting out in embarrassment, she hurriedly turned left, turned right, it turned out that no one had passed. Only the owner of the diamond shop was smiling in front of her. With embarrassment, Ms. Thadthuang immediately asked if “Uh .. how much is this ring?” The owner of the diamond shop immediately replied that “Just as you see the beauty of this ring still fart And if you know the price of it, you will probably be crap.

Long Live

Posted on January 14, 2021

Surasak stood and waited for a girlfriend at a mall. He waited a long time for his girlfriend to think about washing his face. After walking out of the bathroom, he glanced over to see a teenager eating chocolate, toffee, soda, so he walked over to warn him. Surasak: Do you know that these things are useless? Teenagers: I know, I eat regularly. Surasak: Oh, are you okay? Teenage boy: My grandfather is 100 years old. Surasak: Grandpa Nong eats these things regularly too? Teenagers: Not? Surasak: Why did you claim grandfather? Teenager: Grandfather, I have never been involved in the villagers who live long. Surak: ????????

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